Why do a Preventive Medical Examination?

High absenteeism is a challenging issue that can negatively affect employees and the company as a whole. It not only can cost companies more money, but it can also introduce stress and disruptions in workflow. A Preventive Medical Examination (Preventief Medisch Onderzoek or PMO in Dutch) is a valuable tool that can help prevent absenteeism […]

What are Preventive Medical Examinations?

High absenteeism in a company can cause a loss of productivity, extra costs, and increased stress. To prevent this in the future, offering a Preventive Medical Examination to your employees is a good solution. But what does a Preventive Medical Examination involve? Read on and discover the best way to prevent unnecessary absenteeism. What is […]

Health in Companies

What is a PMO? Under Article 18 of the Working Conditions Act, companies are obliged to periodically give employees the opportunity to undergo a Preventive Medical Examination (PMO). Existing PMOs often consist of a company doctor or survey. Using new testing technologies, HomedIQ is able to offer new insights into various biomarkers through a self-test. […]

For Researchers

Let Homed-IQ be your next health research partner. Using our innovative home testing products and fully integrated logistics and participant communication processes, Homed-IQ is able to carry out large-scale clinical and population health studies that fit your needs. With successful international partnerships in the EU and UK, Homed-IQ is an experienced provider of home health […]

For Retailers

Are you interested in expanding the product portfolio of your webshop or offering home health testing products as a part of your business? Let Homed-IQ be your next partner. From white label services to tailor-made products, shipping methods, and branding, Homed-IQ’s testing services are easily customisable to fit the needs of your business and clients.  […]

For Healthcare Professionals

Would you like to help your clients better understand their health, identify the potential cause of certain symptoms, or assess the impact of treatments? Homed-IQ’s home health tests can be a valuable complement to your practice. Homed-IQ’s business services for healthcare professionals have been used by nutritionists, pharmacists, fitness professionals, alternative practitioners, and more. All […]