Digital Diagnostics on a Single Platform


Homed-IQ’s preventive health check gives employees insight into their health. Receive clear test results and advice on how to improve health with test results from a certified laboratory.


Add home health testing to your business or web shop with customisable testing solutions and products designed to meet the needs of you and your clients.


Make Homed-IQ your partner for medical research. Using our innovative logistics and testing systems, Homed-IQ is able to support large-scale clinical trials and population studies.

Healthcare Providers

Want to help patients better understand their health, detect the cause of certain symptoms, or assess the effect of a treatment? Our medically certified lab tests complement any practice.

Access medical diagnostics with our self-tests

We offer a simple solutions for medical testing at home covering

  • General health tests
  • STI Testing 
  • Disease Screenings
  • Allergy testing
  • Vitamin, Mineral and Wellbeing Tests
  • Preventive Checks

How it works

Homed-IQ offers businesses a one-stop-shop testing solution, including provision of test kits, logistics, results interpretation, and customer support.

Allow us to take care of the entire self-testing process, while you focus on your business. Simply register as a business to gain access to our wholesale product offer

Step 1

Register online
After your account is approved, you can place an order.

Step 2

Place your order
You can expect to receive the products within two weeks.

Step 3

Distribute products
Homed-IQ self tests can be used in E-commerce, retail stores, healthcare practices, and health research.

Our platform covers every step of the testing process, from registration and test kit delivery to results interpretation and customer service.


Homed-IQ only works with certified laboratories. With more than 5,000 employees, our laboratory partners guarantee gold-standard quality in analysis, diagnosis, and advice.

Homed-IQ’s large network of individual accredited laboratories across Europe ensure timely test results using the highest quality testing procedures, all brought to the comfort of your home.

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