Connecting laboratories directly to patients

Homed-IQ creates a digital bridge between laboratories and patients, allowing laboratories to offer medical diagnostics outside the traditional primary care system.

End-to-end diagnostic solutions on one platform

Homed-IQ offers a seamless medical diagnostics platform that is adaptable to fit your laboratory’s services. Our test process is backed by a flexible IT system, the ability to rapidly onboard new tests, and data sharing suitable for medical and non-medical audiences.

Further digitalise your services and address new market potentials

  • White label self collection tests for different sample materials¬†
  • Rapid logistic network for test delivery and sample return
  • Fast and simple onboarding processes for your laboratory

Provide access to personalised health data

  • Easy-to-use test kits with video instructions and printed manuals
  • 24/7 customer service and direct communication with patients¬†
  • Test replacement service

Our platform covers every step of the testing process, from registration and test kit delivery to results interpretation and customer service.

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How it works

Homed-IQ offers businesses a one-stop-shop testing solution, including provision of test kits, logistics, results interpretation, and customer support.

Allow us to take care of the entire self-testing process, while you focus on your business. Simply register as a business to gain access to our wholesale product offer

Step 1

Register online
After your account is approved, you can place an order.

Step 2

Place your order
You can expect to receive the products within two weeks.

Step 3

Distribute products
Homed-IQ self tests can be used in E-commerce, retail stores, healthcare practices, and health research.

Seamlessly add direct-to-consumer services to your laboratory

Preventive home health testing gives patients greater control of their health and provides a more comfortable, testing process.

Be a part of healthcare’s digital transformation and connect to Homed-IQ’s diagnostics platform today.

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